Social media analysis report

It’s important that you understand your social media performance and are able to present this in a format that’s accessible to your decision-makers, and capable of having influence with the right people.

Generating reports that are clear, accurate and useful is one of the goals of any social media analysis activity.

This means it’s important to ensure any social media analysis tool or service you use contains mechanisms for producing customised and bespoke reports, which will serve your purposes.
Different formats and content will be right for different brands, but some of the things a good social media analysis report should contain include:

  • clarity on the questions that are being asked and answered in your social media analysis – this could be anything from “what do men in their 30s want from a sportswear brand,” through to “did our latest campaign drive an increase in conversation amongst the target group of women in their 50s in the North of England?” – it can be as broad or as specific as you like
  • the timeframe the report covers – it could be an ongoing study of how mentions of your brand have changed over time, or it could be a time-boxed analysis of one recent marketing campaign
  • presentation of the data in insightful ways – don’t just talk about the numbers but show them, through graphs, charts, wordclouds, profiles – anything that will tell the story your social media analysis has shown
  • what your conclusions are – this can be a simple rundown of what worked, what didn’t, and lessons that can be learned for future campaigns.

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