Do you wish you could find out what people are saying and feeling about you on social media and the internet right now?


Perhaps you want to be able to identify your most vocal supporters, so you can engage with them more effectively. Or maybe you want to find out who’s saying critical things about you so you can stop negative reactions in real time.

For a more complete understanding of how people’s behaviour on social media is affecting your reputation, whether you’re in politics, business, education or the charity sector, choose Infokind’s award-winning Sentilytics software.

Sentilytics is a revolutionary new tool that allows you to track, analyse and understand what people are saying about your organisation or brand in real time and in unlimited different languages. With Sentilytics you can gain real-time insights into the needs, values and emotions of different groups.
Deep Sentiment Analysis allows you to find your strongest advocates and stop negative reactions in real time. You can use this intelligence to shape digital marketing strategies, mould key messaging and interact more effectively with existing and future allies.

Competitor tracking & analysis

Imagine knowing how your competitors are performing on the web: where they’re capturing market share and how people are engaging with their brand. With our Sentilytics software you can. Simply give us the names of your competitors and keywords, and we can track how they are doing in relation to your brand. This visibility alongside your own data analysis will help you to see opportunities you could capitalise on, as well as an understanding of less fruitful strategies, giving you the edge over your competitors. With this intelligence in hand, you can shape digital marketing strategies, mould your key messaging and identify potential future allies, with whom you can interact directly.

Key features

Our market-leading and innovative Sentilytics software offers:

  • A fast, simple and powerful keyword search to track coverage on social media and the world wide web.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Deep Sentiment Analysis; a game-changing emotion recognition technology classifying into 8 emotional stages: joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, anticipation and surprise.
  • Dates and times of comments, allowing you to see how messages spread.
  • Types of engagement, covering everything from likes and shares through to comments and mentions.
  • Numbers of likes.
  • Mentions of your brand, company or products.
  • Total reach, showing the number of people who have seen your message.
  • Engagement levels.
  • Sentiment score, classifying how positive, neutral or negative people feel towards your brand.
  • Ability to process coverage in unlimited different languages.
  • Predictive Behavioural Database, allowing you to understand how people are likely to react to future messaging and campaigns.

Benefits of Sentilytics

By implementing the Sentilytics package, you will gain:

  • Absolute insight into wider public opinion on your product/brand
  • Complete in-depth deep sentiment analysis, according to your benchmarks and metrics
  • Knowledge of what people are saying about you right now
  • The ability to react quickly to what people are saying about you
  • The answer to how your current marketing processes need to change
  • The ability to eliminate advertising that isn’t working
  • Lower cost per lead
  • The potential to maximise your marketing budget
  • Production of a predictive behaviouristic database in real time.

How it works

Step 1

Keywords are monitored in real time across the complete range of social media, news websites and the World Wide Web.

Step 2

Data is processed, cross-referenced and encrypted on our secure platform.

Step 3

The results are displayed to you in the Predictive Behaviour Database.
The Sentilytics software package is fully customisable to cover a complete range of algorithms, depending on your requirements: whatever you want to track, the Sentilytics software can handle your request.

Sentilytics in action

Here are just some of the ways you could apply Sentilytics:


Schools can use the Sentilytics software to identify cyber-bullying and take affirmative action to stop it.


Find out who’s saying positive and negative things about your brand or products, so you can find your strongest supporters and engage to turn detractors into advocates.


Monitor the responses to policy statements, campaign events and press releases. This will allow you to shape future activity and identify core supporters with a large following, who you can then contact directly.


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