From businesses to educational institutions, from political parties to charities, all organisations have access to a huge amount of data.

However, the capability to collate and analyse that data in order to identify trends and behaviour can often seem out of reach. Data can drive individual systems, but cross-referencing it across different sources and extracting wider value are another matter.

Your databases may be hiding, rather than presenting, valuable information about your stakeholders, their behaviour and your organisation.

However, with our Maxilytics software, Big Data that produces actionable insights is now achievable for every organisation.

Our mathematical intelligence tool is capable of analysing huge amounts
of data from any number of data sources, including


Customer & supporter databases


Donation processing systems


Point of sale systems


Online transactions


Loyalty programmes


Social media


The internet


and anything else.

The solution is bespoke and custom-built to your requirements. This gives you the ability to track real-time reports on customer behaviour, opinion, trends and much more. You will gain actionable insights in real time that are cost-effective and risk-free.

Maxilytics in action

The innovative Maxilytics solution can be applied across a wide range of sectors, including the following:


Understand how best to promote your image to increase your business success. For example, you can find out who is buying your products and services, where they are and the emotions affecting their choices.


You could discover which products are purchased by sub-groups of customers in a certain geographical area, and what has driven their decision. This can inform merchandise choice, pricing strategies, channel usage, inventory optimisation, capacity planning and more.


Our software can be configured to identify patterns of fraud both online and offline, which can then be used to identify future fraudulent behaviour.


Imagine being able to accelerate patient care and improve outcomes, through understanding correlations that can lead to health care professionals choosing the right treatments more quickly. We offer a solution that can help link various different databases held on patients and allow complete visibility on their medical history.


Stock markets are ruled by emotions and our software can effectively and accurately measure the prevailing sentiment, to support investment decisions in real time. Cross-reference this with the latest news from around the world in real time and it could be an invaluable tool in trying to predict how the market is reacting and its effect on stocks, shares and exchange rates.


Use our innovative software to identify problems in supply chains and determine the measures that are needed to increase or decrease resources. We can also help reduce inefficiencies and create cost-saving initiatives throughout your transportation networks.

Key features

Maxilytics features the following:

  • Fully customisable, using data sources bespoke to your brand
  • Pattern recognition
  • Tracking customer behaviour across multiple scenarios
  • Deep segmentation of user data
  • Data management of both structured and unstructured data
  • Ability to introduce new parameters at any time
  • Production of a Predictive Behaviouristic Database in real time
  • The ability to ask any question of your data
  • Removal of human error, as you can replace analysts with a cost-effective alternative.

Tech-spec: how it works

Step 1

All data to be analysed is sent to your own secure table, where it is anonymised and encrypted.

Step 2

Our custom-built algorithms process and analyse the data.

Step 3

When the data is analysed, the new information is fed back into your Predictive Behaviour Database, giving you actionable insights in real time that are cost-effective and risk-free.


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