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Use actionable data insights to make critical business decisions to optimise your marketing spend

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Make informed decisions using critical insights with the latest in data analytics

Deep Sentiment Analysis to find your strongest advocates.

Find out from social media through to internal customer databases.

Imagine being able to analyse all of your existing data combined with information from news, social media and the World Wide Web, in real time. Suppose you could find out what individual people are saying or feeling about your campaign right now and understand what’s really driving sales.

Move beyond data to insight

Our solutions will help you to see beyond data and information in your social media accounts: you’ll gain true insight into how people are engaging with your brand. Track the ripple effect of any campaign or marketing promotion over time, and find out who is driving awareness and loyalty. This insight can be a vital tool to target the right people for the right product in future campaigns, ensuring your money is spent in the right place.

Now is the time to stop imagining and start believing: with Infokind’s revolutionary new software solutions, you can harness the power of Big Data to transform the way you run your organisation or do business.

From education, politics and healthcare through to retail, banking and business, the ability to analyse and understand insights from using Big Data in real time can allow you to innovate, diversify and even predict trends. In turn this can bring a host of benefits, from increased sales and engagement with supporters, through to combating negative reactions and improving company processes.

Here at Infokind, our mission is to open up the world of Big Data to more and more organisations. We can advise you on how to get the right information to enable you to innovate and succeed, using real-time data and analytics with our revolutionary solutions: Sentilytics and Maxilytics.

So stop working with data and start putting data to work for you.

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